The Celtic Englishes

The Celtic Englishes II - Results



Major discussion topics were prototype theory (Sabban, Hickey, Fritz), genetics and linguistics, i.e. the possible correlation between haematology and major isoglosses (Viereck), and the diachronic bases of present day English contact phenomena (Klemola, Montgomery, Kelly).

Wigger pointed out the reciprocity of linguistic transfer by drawing attention to the amount of influence of English on Conamara Gaelic. German and Vennemann' s papers argued, if from different angles, that English English is a Celtic English in itself, a very controversial topic. More present day sociolinguistic data collection is urgently needed (Maddrell, Fieß, Corrigan). The lack of historical corpora for the Celtic contact languages makes it hard to determine the exact nature of the linguistic contact in historical times. A beginning was made for a Middle Welsh corpus (Poppe, Mittendorf).

The main thrust of the Colloquium lay on syntax and lexicology. No paper on phonology was presented.

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