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The Celtic Englishes

The Celtic Englishes II

Potsdam, 23-27 September 1998

The Second Colloquium

The Second Colloquium on the "Celtic Englishes" (CE-II) took place at Potsdam on 23-27 September 1998. Its title was: "Celtic Englishes II: Layer Cake Model, Languages in Contact or Otherwise?" 20 speakers, 14 invited discussants and guests negotiated current theoretical approaches to the "Celtic Englishes".

The papers filled some of the uncharted areas on the world map of the "Celtic Englishes", as there was a paper each on aspects of the Celtic Englishes in the USA and in Australia. Another important subject touched upon this time was the historical status of the English language itself. Typologically, it differs considerably from the other "Germanic" languages. The question is why?

The Proceedings were published in 2000, Universitätsverlag C. Winter, Heidelberg ISBN 3-8253-0925-8

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