The Celtic Englishes

The Celtic Englishes I, 28-30 September 1995

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The first colloquium (i.e. pilot colloquium) took place in 1995 and assembled some 40 scholars from Europe and Canada. Beside the speakers, there were 18 official guests especially invited as discussants as well as students from the universities of Potsdam, Freiburg i.Brsg., Heidelberg and two of the Berlin universities (Humboldt and Free University). The purpose of the Pilot Colloquium was to take stock of the research done in this field so far and to discuss the acceptability of the concept of the "Celtic Englishes" as such. A summary of the results will be published (in German) in Anglistik (Mitteilungen des Verbandes deutscher Anglisten). An expanded form of the basic problematic will be published (in German) under the title "The Celtic Englishes - Zwei grammatische Beispiele zum Problem des Sprachkontakts zwischen dem Englischen und den keltischen Sprachen" in the Proceedings of the Zweites Deutsches Keltologensymposium (Second German Symposium of Celtic Studies), Bonn, 2-4 April 1997, ed. by Stefan Zimmer, in the series Beihefte zur Zeitschrift für Celtische Philologie. The Proceedings of the first Potsdam Colloquium appeared in 1997 in the Carl Winter Universitätsverlag Heidelberg (ISBN 3-8253-0377-2), ed. by Hildegard L.C. Tristram. Reviews will be cited when forthcoming.

A bibliography of 1260 titles relating to the "Celtic Englishes" was appended to the volume of proceedings. The bibliography also exists in classified form. Users interested in receiving the classified bibliography are welcome to contact us (tristram@rz.uni-potsdam.de). A hundred titles of the most important items is made available in annotated form as part of the ABES project (Annotated Bibliography for English Studies) of the European Society for the Study of English (ESSE) on CD-Rom in autumn 1998. It is hoped that ABES will go online in the near future.

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